Gifted and Talented Academy


    From its foundation in 1997 as part of a district-wide initiative to meet the needs and interests of the students, the Gifted and Talented Academy is one of five academies offered at the high school level. The Gifted and Talented Academy is dedicated to providing a rigorous, innovative, meaningful academic environment to challenge the intellectual and creative abilities of gifted and talented students. Students will be provided with a broad spectrum of opportunities to extend and enrich the classroom curriculum through guest speakers, theater, summer programming, and fieldtrips during the school year to enliven the classroom experience. Students will be prepared to face challenges and make choices that will meet the complexities of today’s world, support a lifelong commitment to learning and encourage them to make use of their potential.


    Gifted & Talented Academy Faculty

    Assistant Principal of Innovation

    Gamila Williams ext.8100


    Kari Foerster x8131

    Jaclynn Nail   x8129

    Richard Towry x8145  


    Cristina Cabrera x5172

    Lisa Smith x8195

    Social Studies

    John Devine x4853

    Chris LaRue x8207

    Felicia Randle x4825

    Adam Plach x4824


    Mari Gathman

    Christine Osberg x8164










    Academy Class of 2024 Students and Parents:

    Once again, we welcome you to the EHS Gifted & Talented Academy. We are pleased that you have chosen to continue your academic journey with us. Here, we focus on developing your reading, writing, and critical-thinking, scientific concepts and mathematical skills.

    Your first assignments including, summer reading, science and math are attached. Please read the documents carefully, noting that you are required to read (and take notes on) one book each for your English and science classes. Reading is due on the first day of class in August.

    We encourage you to start early to allow yourself plenty of time to read, write, and think about the ideas in your chosen texts as they will help to provide the foundation for this year’s learning.  
    Should you have any questions about the included assignments, you may reach out to the following Gifted and Talent Academy teachers at EHS:
    Kari Foerster -Math
    Mari Gathman
    Jacki Nail
    Lisa Language Arts