Health Care Science



    Assistant Principal of Stem

    Stephanie Gorman

    Ext. 4852



    Kellie Mowers

    CNA Honors/CNA Clinical/Foundations of Healthcare Science/Advanced Healthcare Science

    Ext. 4826


    Dr. Marie Skwirblies

     Fundamentals of Anatomy/Foundations of Healthcare Science/PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science



    Foundations of Health Care Science Grades 9-12

    Students will:

    • be introduced to career opportunities in the health care industry.
    • match personal abilities and interests to career options.
    • overview health care delivery, patient care past and present, health care systems, legal and ethical responsibilities and safety and infection control practices.

    Fundamentals of Human Anatomy Grades 9-12

    Students will:

    • be introduced to how the body systems work together to maintain internal balance and good health

    Advanced Health Care Science Grades 10-12

    Through hands on integration and technology, students will:

    • develop knowledge and skills common to most healthcare occupations.
    • complete interactive activities related to current therapies, first aid and CPR, medical terminology, safety and infection control, and an understanding of human growth and development and disease processes.
      Note: This course establishes a strong foundation for future study in health care science.


    CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) Grades 11-12

    Students will:

    • do an in-depth study of various facets of patient care which includes a minimum of 40 hours of supervised clinical experiences with patients.
    • upon successful completion of all components of this course, students may qualify to take the state certication exam.
      Note: Seven hours of articulated credit at ECC may be earned.


     Principals of Biomedical Science Grades (PBS) Grades 10-12

    Through problem -based projects, students will:

    • be introduced to the biomedical sciences.
    • investigate the human body system and various health conditions.
      Note: This course offers an overview of all the courses in the Biomedical Sciences program and establishes the scientific foundation for subsequent courses.


    Human Body Systems(HBS) Grades 11-12

    Students will:

    • examine the interactions of body systems as they explore identity, communication, power, movement, production and homeostasis.
    • design experiments, investigate the structures and functions of the human body, and use technology to monitor body functions such as muscle movement, reflex and voluntary action, and respiration.
    • build organs and tissues on a skeletal frame and work through real world cases often role playing biomedical professionals to solve medical mysteries.
    • have an opportunity to participate in a concurrent health care science internship.