Drivers Ed


    Drivers Education 


    School District U-46 provides students with a well-rounded, standards-based curriculum. Strong programs in core curriculum areas are designed to help students master learning standards while addressing their diverse needs.

    Our Elgin High School community values:

    • Academic achievment, support for success, and respect for the educational process through individual integrity, responsibility, work ethic, and pride.
    • Personal, positive relationships through mutual respect, clear and consistent communication, and the celebration of our diversity and talents.
    • Collaborative teamwork as well as the development of role models and leaders at all levels.

    Goals and Objectives of Elgin High School

    These ten goals are expressions of the desired outcome of the total educational experience for students in School District U-46, and therefore Elgin High School as well.

    In meeting the needs of students, Elgin High will provide a program in which:

    1. Students master and apply the basic skills of communication and computation
    2. Students gain the knowledge and skills of a general education.
    3. Students acquire the skills and attitudes required for independent learning.
    4. Students discover and cultivate their creative talents.
    5. Students build positive attitudes of self-worth.
    6. Students develop for themselves consistent and coherent moral and ethical values.
    7. Students prepare themselves for the responsibilities of work, leisure, and financial independence.
    8. Students understand change as a natural, ongoing process.
    9. Students acquire an understanding of the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of participation in the family, the community, the nation and the world.
    10. Students discover the ways in which people understand and accept each other.


    Athletic Director: Paul Pennington ext. 5346

    Drivers Education Instructors:

    Andrew Montgomery ext.8175

    Andrew LeGoff ext.8121

     Drivers Ed Packet 2017-2018

    Elgin Drivers Education Early Permit Process