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  • Culinary Arts 

    Introduction to Culinary Arts Grades 9-12

    Students will: 

    • be exposed to the principles and practice of food science, nutrition, and wellness
    • focus on safety and sanitation, advanced techniques in culinary arts, nutritional menu planning, management skills and the exploration of the hospitality and culinary industry.
    • prepare for the Year 1 National Restaurant Association Certification exam.

    Culinary Arts Level 2 Grades 10-12

    Advanced Culinary Arts Grades 11-12

    Students will:

    • Concentrate on safety and sanitation while developing quantitative cooking methods.
    • implement business strategies necessary to run a catering company.
    • be prepared to take the Year 1 National Restaurant Association Certification exam.
    • begin preparation for the Year 2 National Restaurant Association Certification exam.

    Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Grades 11-12

    Students will:

    • emphasize restaurant and hospitality management skills.
    • be prepared to take the Year 2 National Restaurant Association Certification exam.
  • Childhood Education 

    Child Development Grades 9-12

    Students will:

    • focus on child growth and care from conception through childhood.
    • acquire techniques and skills necessary to promote physical health, social, emotional and intellectual development.

    Childhood Education Grades 10-12

    Students will:

    • study developmental characteristics, learning styles, and health and safety considerations.
    • develop teaching skills in an on-site preschool.
    • prepare for careers working with children(i.e. teachers, social workers, counselors, pediatricians, nurses, psychologists, etc.).

    Advanced Childhood Education Grades 11-12
    Prerequisite: Childhood Education

    Students will:

    • observe, supervise, and teach children in an on-site preschool.

    Note: This course may be repeated for a second time for a credit enabling a student to develop skills in organization, implementation, and maintenance of early childhood/daycare programs.  Prerequisite: Students must earn an A or B in Advanced Childhood Education.

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