Standards Based Grading and Assessment

  • At all U-46 schools, we use standards-based learning and assessment (SBLA) to align student learning to student needs based on state and national standards. This practice provides fair and equitable grading based on evidence of ongoing student learning against specified standards. Assessments based on SBLA accurately and fairly demonstrate that students have the knowledge and skills necessary for the next grade, next course, and finally for college and career. 

    Elgin High School is working to standardize grading practices to provide clear and specific learning standards that are shared with stakeholders. These standards establish what a student must know and be able to do in order to show proficiency in the content of a course. Standardized grading practices provide a clearer picture to students and families as to what grading criteria is used and the school’s expectations of student learning and achievement.

    Standards-Based Grading and Assessment does not impact how a student’s GPI/GPA is calculated and does not eliminate the weighting of grades for honors and AP courses. Students still receive a letter grade (A-E) on their report card. A student who receives straight A’s in regular classes would have a 4.0 GPI on a 4.0 scale. A student who receives straight A’s in honors/AP courses would have a 5.0 GPI on a 4.0 scale.

Seven Guiding Principles of SBLA

  • Our teachers are committed to implementing U-46's Seven Guiding Principles in each course offered at Elgin High School. The principles are:

    1. Grades should reflect proficiency on well-defined standards-based learning targets that are clear to all stakeholders.
    2. Grades should be based on academic performance using summative assessments.
    3. Grade scales should be devised to give equal incremental value to each letter grade.
    4. Students should be expected to complete work for credit.
    5. Students should be given multiple ways to demonstrate their knowledge.
    6. Feedback should be timely, specific, and related to learning targets.
    7. Students should be given multiple opportunities to reach mastery on specific, standards-based concepts and skills.