• Eric Echevarria

    Eric Echevarria

    Eric Echevarria, a member of the EHS Class of 1993, had already completed a four-year stint in the U.S. Marines when a chance encounter with a few police officers led to an exciting and rewarding career that he had never previously considered.

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  • Chris Sumner

    Chris Sumner

    For Chris Sumner, life has been "pop-tastic" since he opened up his own gourmet popcorn shop in downtown Elgin.

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  • Chandler Swan

    Chandler Swan

    Chandler Swan is a witness to history. And he’s making his history, and that of his classmates, family, friends and fellow Maroons.

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  • Anali Cisneros

    Anali Cisneros

    Anali Cisneros of Elgin is aiming to match the time of 2016 Olympic gold medalist race walker Liu Hong, with the hope of competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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  • Ashley Horne

    Ashley Horne

    Ashley Horne’s time at the Elgin High School Gifted and Talented Academy gave her a healthy appreciation for hard work and time management. And those virtues led her to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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  • Rose Schmidt

    Rose Schmidt

    If you think it’s a long slog waging a campaign for your political party’s nomination for governor, try being a television reporter covering 18 candidates vying for the statehouse.

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  • Dr. Sandra Carnahan

    Dr. Sandra Carnahan

    To reach her professional dreams, Dr. Sandra Carnahan had to push herself beyond her limits.

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  • Liz Tippy

    Liz Tippy

    Liz Tippy’s career is by the numbers, but it is anything but routine.

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  • Leah Vercelli

    Leah Vercelli

    Through Elgin High School and undergraduate studies at Benedictine University in Lisle, Leah Vercelli planned to attend medical school and pursue a career in health care.

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  • Katie Spets

    Katie Spets

    Katie Spets may be in her first year of teaching at Elgin High School. But no one needed to tell her how to find her way to her classroom or the teachers’ lounge, or the shortest route to the cafeteria.

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