• Middle School Common Assessment Documents

    Middle School Common Assessment Plans

    The common assessment plans listed below are a guide to the required district common assessments to be administered to all English Language Arts students by semester.  An in-depth explanation of how to administer all aspects of the district ELA common assessments is contained in the "Quick Guide" listed below. Teachers or administrators who have any questions related to the common assessments should contact the Literacy Office at ext. 7193.

    7th Grade ELA Common Assessment Plan

    8th Grade ELA Common Assessment Plan

    Secondary "Quick Guide" for District Common Assessment Administration

    The "Quick Guide" is an in-depth explanation of how to use the assessment plan along with other important notes pertaining to administration, making accommodations or modifications for special populations and information regarding Infinite Campus and common assessments. 

    "Quick Guide" for Secondary ELA District Common Assessment Plans


    Middle School Rubrics for Grading Common Assessments

    The rubrics listed below align with the prompts listed in the common assessment plans by grade level.  Rubrics should be given to and discussed with students on a regular basis in preparation for the common assessment.  

     U-46 Rubric Overview

    ELA Rubric Overview


    7th Grade Common Assessment Rubrics

    7.2.1 (7th Grade/2nd Semester/Rubric for Assessment #1)




    8th Grade Common Assessment Rubrics

    8.2.1 (8th Grade/2nd Semester/Rubric for Assessment #1)