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    Google Classrooms by Course

    A Google Classroom has been created as a resource for ELA teachers to access, by course.  Each classroom has been developed and is maintained by members of our ELA & Reading teacher leadership teams.  Teachers may use the classroom as another place to access the most current version of our ELA district common assessments, rubrics for common assessments, assessment guides (MS only), lesson ideas, a place to ask a question of your peers, and other teacher determined materials /topics related to your course that staff wish to collaborate and share with other teachers accross our district. If you create something and would like to share it with your peers, please contact the teacher associated with your specific Google Classroom and they can post what you would like to share in the classroom.  Teachers need a Google Classroom code to join a specific classroom.  If you would like to have access to the Google Classroom for your course(s), please contact the Literacy office at ext. 7193 or veronicaryan@u-46.org to obtain the code to join.  Listed below are the ELA & Reading Teacher Leaders who have volunteered to maintain a Google Classroom.

    7th Grade ELA           Judy Dowling         Abbott Middle School 

    8th Grade ELA           Valerie Albuck        Tefft Middle School 

    9th Grade ELA          

    10th Grade ELA        

    11th Grade ELA         

    12th Grade ELA         

    Secondary Reading  Angela Anderson   Eastview Middle School


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