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U-46 Educational Foundation and KCT Credit Union Partner Offer Affinity Card Program

Dec. 17, 2019

Community members can now showcase their U-46 pride with each purchase they make with the U-46 Educational Foundation Affinity Card. In partnership with KCT Credit Union, the U-46 Educational Foundation has developed an “affinity card” program where purchases made using an affinity card will help support the Foundation’s work.

Community members can choose between several Visa debit and credit cards featuring designs based on the District’s five high schools or the School District. Each time a purchase is made using an affinity card, the Foundation will receive a portion of the merchant fees collected, with debit card purchases at 0.2% of the merchant fees and credit card purchases at 0.25% of the merchant fees.

“The affinity card program is a fantastic way for community members to directly support our schools with each purchase they make,” said U-46 Educational Foundation President Bud Wilson. “When people switch to this card with purpose, more resources will be generated for the Foundation to expand and enhance the many great opportunities it provides for students.”

For more information on the U-46 affinity card program and becoming a member of KCT Credit Union, visit A variety of checking and credit options are available.

The U-46 Educational Foundation was initiated in 2006, when a group of community leaders and District supporters came together to recruit board members, establish by-laws, and seek non-profit status as a 501 (c) (3) organization. Investing in the future, the Foundation develops and dedicates resources, supports innovation, and creates partnerships to enhance student learning and well-being. The Foundation’s impact to date has largely been on Districtwide projects.