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Educator Robert Jackson to Discuss How to Talk to Your Children About Racism

Oct. 16, 2020

The U-46 African American Advisory Council will host a two-part series this fall about “Discussing Racism and Racial Injustices in Your Home.” Robert Jackson, an international speaker, award-winning author, and longtime educator will lead the discussion.  

The first session will be offered on Tuesday, Oct. 20 and the second on Tuesday, Nov. 17, both from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. While Jackson will speak as part of a regular meeting of the council, the program is open to all members of the community. Register for the Zoom webinar at or call: 1-312-626-6799

The African American Advisory Council is one of six advisory groups that meet regularly and assist the District in meeting the needs of our diverse student population.

Mr. Jackson, who is also a parent, grandparent, and former NFL player, has spoken at events in U-46 in the past during Black History Month on topics including how students can succeed inside and outside the classroom.

“While we always look forward to Black History Month, as part of the District’s ongoing Equity work, it’s important for U-46 to have these discussions and opportunities year-round,” said Dr. Teresa A. Lance, Assistant Superintendent of Equity and Innovation. “Mr. Jackson always offers a thoughtful perspective and inspires good conversations.” 

Mr. Jackson said he wants to use the two-part series to address how parents and families can discuss racism comfortably with their children.

“Parenting can be tough as it is. Many kids are confused about where to place their emotions regarding the recent developments unfolding around racial injustice in our country,” he said. “Some parents and family members do not  know where to begin with discussing racism with their children.”

During Mr. Jackson’s teaching career in Indianapolis Public Schools, he refused to let his students feel sorry for themselves or let their circumstances define their futures. He speaks and teaches on topics of cultural diversity, restorative practices, socio-emotional learning, and how to retain troubled students in school. He challenges parents to take a more active role in their children’s education, and he works with students to overcome hardships through discipline and accountability.

Mr. Jackson’s visit supports the District’s ongoing Equity work. The District’s Equity Plan was approved by our Board of Education in November 2019. A diverse committee of U-46 team members are working to raise awareness of the Plan’s purpose and objectives, to monitor its implementation, and to share and address our progress toward ensuring equitable practices throughout every area in our District.