Science Clubs & Events

STEM Expo Kick-Off

  • STEM Expo Kick-off events are held at 4 of the local libraries within the School District U-46 boundaries. These events are held to excite and inspire students into creating a STEM Expo project. All 4 events are free to the public and require no pre-sign up. 

  • Would you like to sign up your company as one of the vendors for the STEM Expo Kick-Off event? Click the link below

    School District U-46 STEM Expo Kick-Off (Vendor Sign-Up)


    Know of a great company that we should invite?? Let us know by emailing us or SaraRodriguezHorn@U-46 subject line STEM Expo Kick-Off Events. 

You Be the Chemist Logo
  • You Be The Chemist Challenge at Elgin High School

    The You Be The Chemist Challenge® is an interactive academic contest that encourages students in grades 5-8 to explore chemistry concepts and their real-world applications. The Challenge provides a unique opportunity for a variety of individuals and organizations—including schools, members of the chemical industry, educators, and other community partners—to come together and show their support for STEM education.  More information coming soon.


  • The U-46 STEM Expo is an opportunity for K-12 students to create a project in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and present to judges, fellow students, families, and community members. Students are encouraged to explore a question or concept that interests them, create a project, and share their learning with their community.

Science Olympiad Logo
  • Illinois Science Olympiad

    The Nation’s most exciting K-12 Science competition is happening in U-46.

    The school's participating in this years Illinois Science Olympiad:

    Middle School

    • Abbott Middle School
    • Canton Middle School
    • Ellis Middle School
    • Eastview Middle School
    • Larsen Middle School

    High School

    • Bartlett High School
    • South Elgin High School
    • Streamwood High School