Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How are parents and students are made aware of the Seal of Biliteracy?
      • World Language Divisionals will present the Seal overview. One presentation hosted at each High School.

    2. Who is eligible to test?
      • Anyone currently enrolled in high school.

    3.  When will the test be administered?
      • Tests will be administered in the fall and spring each year.

    4. How and where will the test be administered?
      •  Each site will host test event; the logistics of test is determined by the site. The language teacher can administer the test or other test proctors as assigned.

    5. When will students find out their results?
      • Results will be provided approximately 3 weeks after testing.

    6. Do the students register in advance of the test?
      • Students must register in advance of the day of testing, the registration list is used to order tests.

    7. Where do they register and how much does it cost?
    8. Can a student who speaks a language such as Polish take the exam, or is this only offered for the languages we offer in the district?
      • A student may register for a language we do not offer in District; check for the exams offered.

    9. Can we pause the test in Mid-section or at the end of each section for testing the following day?
      • The recommendation is to have students finish the domain then quit the test.  Once a test is submitted, it is sent for scoring.  Quitting a test permits students to return and finish later.

    10. Will seniors who achieve a 4 or 5 on the AP exam this year be issued the seal of biliteracy over the summer?
      • No, as we’re not able to retro the affixed label on their diploma and we can’t change the student record, transcript. However, if the student requests a new transcript it will reflect any new seals or commendations earned.

    11. If students register for more than one language (ex: French AND Spanish), can they take the tests over multiple days in a single class (6th period for 4 days, for example)?
      • Yes

    12. If the students do not meet the proficiency benchmark the test this year, will they have an opportunity to test again next year?
      • If students don’t demonstrate proficiency this year (in either administration), they will be permitted to test again next year.

    13. How long is the test?
      • 2.5 hours