• Departments in C&I



    Fine Arts

    The U-46 Fine Arts Department oversees the district art teachers, music teachers and drama teachers who offer students enriching learning opportunities.  Instruction in the arts has been tied to thinking skills, social skills and improvement in reading, math and social studies.


    Instructional Technology

    The Instructional Technology Department in U-46 strives to inspire individuals to be digitally literate citizens by authentically using technology to engage in 21st Century skills and meet the expectations of Common Core State Standards. By supporting teachers and employees to integrate technology, we hope to provide experiences that will allow students to become responsible digital citizens.



    The English Language Arts Department oversees implementation of rigorous K-12 reading and writing curriculum aligned to the new Common Core State Standards.



    The goal of the U-46 Mathematics program is to give our students the skills and knowledge they need to think and reason mathematically, and to use what they have learned to solve problems. The need to understand and be able to use mathematics in everyday life and the workplace has never been greater and will continue to increase. Mathematical competence opens doors to productive futures. We believe that ALL students should have the opportunity and the support necessary to learn significant mathematics with depth and understanding.



    Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) is a Response to Intervention Model that utilizes a three tiered system designed to help District U46 schools provide students with high-quality instruction and interventions through academic and positive behavioral supports including the PBIS program.



    The mission of U-46 Physical Education is to promote lifelong learning recognizing the value of personal development in the physical, affective and cognitive domains. Furthermore, to instill an individual ownership in the continual growth necessary to be a responsible, productive and contributing member of society.



    The U-46 Science Department aligns its curriculum and instructional development to the aim of college and career readiness for all students.  U-46 offers rigorous K-12 science curriculum and innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning opportunities.


    Social Studies

    The U-46 Social Studies Department oversees curriculum implementation based on Illinois State Standards.  Students learn about the events, trends, individuals and movements that have shaped America’s history as well as world and U.S. geography, social, political and economic systems.