Underwriting Acknowledgements

  • What is underwriting?

    Underwriting acknowledges individuals, organizations and businesses which support WEPS 88.9 FM on the station’s airwaves. Donations collected from underwriting acknowledgements will fund and support production, programming costs, and the U-46 radio clubs.

    How can underwriting benefit my business or organization?

    • Underwriting is not advertising, but it allows a non-promotional description of the businesses or organizations products and services for a low cost.
    • WEPS 88.9 FM is the only local station in the Elgin Area that broadcasts in both English and Spanish. The district’s radio station gives businesses and organizations an opportunity to reach our bilingual community.
    • WEPS 88.9 FM has a wide demographic range from elementary age students to high school students, parents, and community members.
    • Underwriting will also include a free link on the WEPS 88.9 FM page on the school district’s website.

    What can be stated in underwriting acknowledgments?

    WEPS 88.9 FM follows regulations and guidelines set by the FCC. All acknowledgements must be 15 seconds or 30 seconds including the standard opening phrase. Lengthy spots can be a violation within the FCC guidelines.
    • Legal name of the Underwriter, must be read in standard opening, “Support for WEPS 88.9 FM comes from (underwriter)” 
    • Non-promotional descriptions of organization, products and services.
    • Non-promotional location information (phone number, address, website address)
    • Duration of time and business
    • Underwriting acknowledgment may repeat business or organization’s name a maximum of one additional time.
    • Must be recorded and aired in third person.


    What is prohibited?

    • Call to action (“Come on down”, “bring your car to us”, “visit our website”).
    • Superlative description (“The best”, “Leading”, “the leader”).
    • Direct or insinuated comparisons to other companies
    • Price or value information
    • Inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease
    • Endorsements, testimonials, awards

    What contract lengths are available?

    • Long term contracts are available for businesses and organizations wanting to establish a long-term presence on the airwaves.
    o January – May
    o September – December
    • Short term contracts are also available for businesses and organizations.
    o The minimum short term contract is one week.

    How is the underwriting acknowledgment made?

    The sponsor will work closely with the WEPS Station Manager to write an underwriting acknowledgement that fits within the FCC guidelines and satisfies the sponsor. The sponsor may submit copy; however, it may be edited to remain within the FCC’s guidelines. The final copy will be submitted to the business or organization for approval. Once the copy is approved by the business, the copy will then be sent to production to be pre-recorded by a member of the U-46 radio clubs. The professional recording will be saved and scheduled to air in the station’s automation system.

    How will I know if my acknowledgment ran?

    Depending on the contract length, the business or organization will receive a log with the date and the time of when acknowledgments were run at the end of each week or month.

    Source:  FCC Guidelines