Applying to AVID at U-46

  • AVID, an acronym for Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a research-based program that identifies, recruits and prepares students for four-year college eligibility. The program serves students who are often the least well-served in our schools — students in the academic middle who are capable of success but who are not reaching their potential.

    AVID students enroll in an academic elective class, scheduled during the school day, that emphasizes writing as a tool of learning, use of the inquiry method, collaboration and reading. Through summer institutes and professional development. AVID also helps restructure teaching methodologies schoolwide so that more students can succeed in college-prep classes.

    Selection criteria include:

    • Ability: Students that are in the “academic middle” that can succeed in college preparatory courses with support.
    • Desire and Determination: Students that want to attend college and are willing to work hard to get there.
    • Membership in an underserved group.  Students who are from a family of low-income, first in the family to attend college from populations that are historically underrepresented in college. 

    Interested in appyling to join AVID?  Please contact your AVID Site Coordinator for more information on the program and application process.