Background information

  • Development of the process
    A committee, made up of content area directors and coordinators, met to determine a process for developing curriculum in U-46. This process is followed in all content areas. 

    One goal of the group was to provide every teacher the opportunity to have a voice in the development of curriculum in their area. Consequently, the “Call to Committee” format was developed replacing the system of asking teachers known to the coordinator/director, or recommended by the principal, to be the participants. This opens the process up to all teachers. 

    The procedure of writing the curriculum is guided by the coordinator/director. However, the work of determining what students need to know, and when they need to know it, belongs to the teachers on the committee and based on standards, research and best practice.
    A committee structure is in place to encourage alignment and articulation. Also all templates would contain the same information, although their design would differ by content area needs.  Specific stages the curriculum process would progress through were determined.
    After the processes were in place attention turned to creating a schedule for curriculum writing. The group looked at where each curricular area was in terms of curriculum development and resources. The ones that were already in process were put on the cycle in the appropriate stage. Attention was paid to the needs in each area and the cost and personnel required. The most costly areas could not be addressed at the same time since funding since resources are limited. 

    The process and procedures will continually be under review, and as with curriculum, will be adjusted as the need arises.