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  • The ENWC Observatory (1909) and U-46 Planetarium (1963) is located at 312 Watch St. in Elgin. The program is run by the U-46 Science Department with one full-time teacher to provide unique learning experiences for our students throughout the school year. 
    It is also a community treasure with activities scheduled during the year to open the doors to those with an interest in astronomy, history or just reliving a childhood memory of sitting in the seats and viewing the stars. 

    Contact us with questions or comments:


    Debbie Mcmullen

    Coordinator of K-12 Science/Planetarium

    847-888-5000 ext. 5313


    Peggy Hernandez or Joe Kellenberger

    Planetarium Teacher

    (847) 888-5019



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     U-46 Science and Planetarium