Services We Provide

  • The Family Welcome Center serves all new students to U-46. The primary functions of the Family Welcome Center are:Laura Testing Student

    • To screen the English language proficiency of each student identified through the Home Language Survey as having a non-English background, as prescribed by the Illinois Administrative Code section 228.15-Identification of Eligible Students 
    • To determine a student’s eligibility to receive ELL services based on the prescribed screening instrument scores. If a student is eligible to receive ELL services, the Family Welcome Center will make the appropriate placement recommendation. 
    • To inform new families to the district of the instructional programs available for their child. 
    • To provide information about the registration process. 
    • To inform new families to the district of the resources available in School District U-46 and the community.  

    Navigating the American Educational System 

    A Curricular and Training Program to Increase Hispanic Parental Involvement

    The purpose of Navigating the American Educational System (NAES) is to increase the parental involvement of Spanish-speaking immigrants in the academic careers of their children by increasing parental proficiency in navigating the American educational system. 

    Through a series of four parental seminars, NAES will provide Spanish-speaking parents with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to interact with the school system and to better manage the academic experiences of their children. 

    • Seminar One will provide Hispanic parents with an understanding of the role of education in the American society and enable these parents to identify and discuss appropriate parental involvement that may improve the academic performance of their children.
    • Seminar Two will enable Spanish-speaking parents to identify and explain how to communicate with school personnel so that these parents can initiate and maintain successful school experiences.
    • Seminar Three will empower Spanish-speaking parents to identify and utilize strategies to maximize their children’s academic potential. This includes topics like managing homework, developing reading skills and planning for post-secondary training or education. 
    • Seminar Four focuses in helping Hispanic students to reach proficiency which is a big step in achieving their academic goals. 

    U-46 Plazas Comunitarias 

    U-46 Plazas Comunitarias is an educational program designed to provide literacy, primary and secondary education. Plazas Comunitarias has as objectives provide education, information, and communication to the Latino adult population in the community, use education as a tool for self-improvement, and to bring parents and children together to improve academic achievement. School District U-46 has a partnership with the National Institute for Adult Education INEA in Mexico. 
    For further information about Plazas Comunitarias, contact ELL office at (847)888-5000 ext. 6024.