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WEPS Alumnus

Justin Kosek

As a 2014 graduate of U-46, Justin was a member of the BEACON Academy and the WEPS 88.9 FM Radio Club. While on the radio at WEPS, Justin co-hosted his own 30 minute program called “#TheFuse,” a show that highlighted amusing news stories. Now, Justin is the Assistant Producer at 87.7 FM.

Justin credits his preparation for a career in radio production to working at WEPS. “Radio may seem very structured and calm, but behind the scenes it’s nothing but mayhem (good mayhem, of course)!” notes Justin.

Justin knew that he wanted to pursue a career in radio since he was a young boy. As a child, Justin loved to talk, and radio offered the perfect opportunity for him to voice his ideas. After receiving the chance to co-host his own show with WEPS during his senior year of high school, Justin knew that radio was his passion.

Justin began his job search before he graduated from U-46 by contacting potential employers and applying online, hoping to get his foot in the door. In June, he received an internship offer with 87.7 FM. As an intern, Justin was responsible for setting up the studio for production, distributing newspapers to the news room, creating daily need-to-know information sheets, and helping the Assistant Producer create podcasts. After Justin’s first month as an intern at 87.7 FM, the Assistant Producer position became vacant. Justin applied and received a job offer! Although most of his duties have stayed the same, Justin now edits online podcasts and has the opportunity to answer phone calls from listeners, a responsibility he finds interesting and rewarding.

For students interested in pursuing radio careers, Justin advises, “stay persistent, send follow-up emails, and show that you care. Most importantly, follow your dreams, and don’t let anyone stop you!”