World Languages Curriculum Documents

  • All 5 U-46 traditional high schools (Bartlett, Elgin, Larkin, South Elgin, & Streamwood) offer Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish courses.   At 6 of our 8 middle schools ( Abbott, Canton, Eastview, Kenyon Woods, Kimball, and Tefft), both 7th and 8th grade students can take Spanish.  Heritage Spanish classes are available at all 5 high schools and 6 of our 8 middle schools.


    Our standards based curriculum which is rooted in the American Council for Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) world readiness proficiency standards and the College Board's Advanced Placement Language and Culture themes, has 4 levels.  Students begin at level 1 and complete a level each school year.  After completing level 4, students may have the opportunity to take AP Language and Culture.  Middle school students who elect to begin studying Spanish in 7th grade will take Level 1A of the curriculum and 8th grade students will take level 1B.  Students beginning their Spanish language study in middle school will have the opportunity to take AP Spanish Language and Culture at all five high schools.  AP Spanish Literature will soon be available at all 5 high schools.


  • German, French, and Spanish

    Please click on any of the levels below to explore the curriculum for German, French, and Spanish.

    Level 1    Level 2

    Level 3     Level 4

  • Mandarin Chinese and Japanese

    The Mandarin Chinese and Japanese curriculum, while largely the same, is slightly different and can be found here:

    Chinese/Japanese Level 1

    Mandarin and Japanese are new to U-46 for SY 22-23.  In each successive year, a new level's curriculum will roll out.

    Level 2 begins everywhere in SY23-24

    Level 3 begins everywhere in SY24-25

    Level 4 begins everywhere in SY25-26

  • Heritage Spanish

    Please click on any of the levels below to explore the Heritage Spanish Language curriculum.  Click here  to see how a Heritage Spanish pathway might differ from regular Spanish.


    Level 1   Level 2   Level 3