• Heritage Spanish in U-46 is for students who have had little or no formal education in Spanish language but do have a connection to the Spanish language through their familiy or home lives.  That is to say, they may be comfortable and familiar with the language despite not having had any formal education around how to use it.  Heritage learners will start in the same place Gen Ed learners do, but they will be expected to advance through proficiency levels more quickly.  U-46 Heritgage Spanish students will have the opportunity to take AP Spanish Language and potentially earn college credit as well as perhaps taking AP Spanish Literature.  In addition, U-46 Heritage Spanish students are well situated to meet the requirements for the  Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy.


    It is worth noting that because Heritage is for students with Spanish background but little or no formal education in the Spanish langauge that Heritage students are not Dual Language students and that students in the Dual Language program will have more advanced academic Spanish language skills better suited for Spanish Language Arts (ALE I/II) and the courses that follow in that pathway.


    This document helps explain the various ways Heritage students might work through the Heritage program.  It can be complicated because many Heritage students begin with varied abilities and grow at different rates.  If you ever have questions about the most appropriate path or sequence for your student, please reach out to your High School's Assistant Principal of Innovation or to World Languages Coordinator, Jacob VandeMoortel, at jacobvandemoortel@u-46.org or 847.888.5000 x7705.


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