Phase 1: Deeper Understanding

  • Phase 1 was focused on developing a deeper understanding of how the District's facilities are currently being utilized and evaluating the quality of the environment in each building. This information gathered during this phase guides the rest of the facilities planning process. Phase 1 began in March 2020.

    Key activities that took place in Phase 1:

    • Listening Tours/Staff Survey
    • A Day in the Life of a Student
    • Weeklong Teacher Activity Survey 
    • Review Existing Data
    • Utility Use Analyses
    • Capacity & Utilization Analysis
    • Area Comparison Analysis
    • Facility Condition Assessments
    • Furniture Audit
    • Laser Scanning of Schools





Building Snapshots

  • All data and analyses are summarized per school in a building snapshot. These snapshots capture a moment in time and will be continually evaludated as more information becomes available throughout this process. You can take a look at each school here.

     Map of Bartlett Elementary School

Phase 1 Community Meeting

  • During Phase I, U-46 collected information along with our partner, DLR Group. The District gathered data, conducted analyses, and used surveys to better understand not only the physical condition U-46 schools, but also how well each school building and facility is serving the educational, emotional, social and engagement needs of our students, staff, families, and community members. Those Phase 1 results were shared in a virtual meeting with community members on Jan. 27, 2021. The meeting was recorded and can be watched below or directly on the U-46's YouTube channel.