• Bond Proposal - Frequently Asked Questions 


    Improving Our Schools - With Zero-Tax-Rate-Change

    On Tuesday, April 4, School District U-46 community members voted on a zero-tax-rate-change bond proposal. This allows us to proceed with the community-created plan that will replace and rebuild some of our oldest elementary schools, update elementary school buildings to support expanded preschool opportunities, and implement a true 6th through 8th-grade middle school model. The proposal will also address districtwide critical maintenance and safety and security needs, balance enrollment, and improve equitable access to programs at more schools districtwide. 

    Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers relating to School District U-46's proposed $179 million bond proposal. Please note that this list will likely be updated as the process continues. The questions are categorized as follows:


Community Created Plan

  • How was the community involved in developing this plan?


  • Why is this a zero-tax-rate-change proposal? How can this work be completed without raising the tax rate?

  • How much are these updates expected to cost?

  • How is the District’s current financial health?

  • How does the zero-debt rate change impact the annual tax levy?

  • Will my tax bill increase?

  • The proposal states that the district's tax rate won’t go up. How long will it be held at the current rate?

  • If the proposal does not pass, will my tax rate go down?

Bond Issue Projects

  • What improvements will be made?

  • Why do our buildings need to be updated?

  • What is the construction timeline for the elementary schools?

  • What is the construction timeline for the middle schools?

  • If the bond proposal is approved by voters, will new boundary lines need to be developed?

  • What happens if economic conditions change and prices for projects increase?

  • Why should we do this work now and not wait until later?

  • What specific building changes are planned?

  • Beyond improving our schools, how will the bond issue help the community?

  • Will any of the bond proposal funds go toward areas other than building needs?

  • Why does U-46 want to implement a 6th through 8th grade middle school model? How is this better for students and learning?

  • How will the preschool plan be expanded?

  • What happens if this proposal is not approved by voters on April 4?

Election Day & Voting Information

  • How will the U-46 bond proposal appear on the ballot?

  • The ballot language says Elgin U-46, if I live in a different community will I vote on this proposal?

  • When is the election?

  • Who Can Vote?

  • When does early voting begin?

  • Why is the community required to vote to improve our schools?

  • What is a bond issue?