• Superintendent Dr. Suzanne Johnson


    Dr. Johnson began her career in education in U-46.

  • Dr. Johnson began her career in education at U-46 nearly 26 years ago, and since July 1, 2023, as the district’s superintendent.

    A graduate of Elgin High School, Dr. Johnson, returned to her U-46 roots to teach language arts at Canton Middle School in Streamwood. Dr. Johnson's first administrative role was as a divisional at Bartlett High School. She quickly advanced into the role of associate principal and then principal prior to moving into a role in central administration in 2013, first as an assistant superintendent of teaching and learning before being promoted to the deputy superintendent position. 

    Within U-46, Dr. Johnson is known for her deep understanding of instructional practices and a commitment to fostering academic excellence. 

    Dr. Johnson holds her undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa, her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from DePaul University, and her doctorate in curriculum and instruction from the University of Illinois-Chicago. 

    Dr. Johnson is not only a dedicated education professional but also a parent in our school district, with two elementary students. Dr. Johnson and her husband, Ben, live in Streamwood. This personal connection to our community further fuels her dedication to creating an exceptional educational experience for all our students.

  • Superintendent Dr. Suzanne Johnson

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