Welcome to the Dual Language Program at U-46

  • Welcome to the U-46 80:20 Dual Language Program! ¡Bienvenidos al Programa de Lenguaje Dual 80:20 del Distrito Escolar U-46!

    Get to know the U-46 80:20 Dual Language Program - Winner of the "Promoting Bilingualism Award District of Distinction" from Two-Way CABE! 
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    ¡Conozca el Programa de Lenguaje Dual 80:20 del distrito escolar U-46 - Ganador del premio "Distrito de distinción por promover el bilingüismo" otorgado por Two-Way CABE!
    Haga clic AQUÍ para el Video - Video ganador del premio "2017 Illinois Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association’s Communications Contest"

    Find more information on this page about our signature Dual Language Program. 

    Video presentations of the U-46 Dual Program in Spanish and English



    What is Dual Language?

    The Dual Language Program is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and academic content in two languages. It offers a unique opportunity for students to excel academically and learn a second language. Dual language programs foster:

    • bilingualism
    • bi-literacy
    • enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity
    • high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages

    What are the benefits of the Dual Language program for students?

    • Students develop proficiency in two languages.
    • Students perform as well as or better than their peers in non-dual language classrooms.
    • All students develop a positive sense of self and multicultural competencies.
    • Students also develop intercultural and global competence that prepares them to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive global society.

    80:20 Spanish/English Dual Language in U-46

    The U-46 Dual Language Program mirrors and honors the linguistic and cultural diversity of our learning community. In our 80:20 Dual Language Program Model design, students learn school subjects through both English and Spanish instruction. Students are able to develop high levels of academic and language proficiency in their first and second languages.

    The curricula implemented in the dual language classrooms are School District U-46’s adopted curricula and are taught through scaffolding and interactive approaches, which ensure that children learn the academic content while developing their first and second languages. 

Language allocation by grade level

Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
  • Two-way Dual Language programs have been established at schools where there is a multilingual and multicultural education program for students with the home language of Spanish who have qualified to receive English Learners services and enough interest and commitment of non-English learner students. A required minimum is determined by the district of interested and committed non-English learner students per classroom are needed in order to meet the required balance of peer language models for an effective Two-Way Dual Language program. A list of the TW DL Schools can be found HERE