AIM Talent Development

  • The AIM Talent Development Program will provide opportunities for the development of student potential in students from diverse cultural, racial/ethnic, socio-economic, linguistic backgrounds and students with disabilities. Gifted Specialists, who are itinerant teachers with specialized training in gifted education, and classroom teachers, will provide instructional opportunities. 

    The Gifted Specialist will design and deliver thinking skills lessons on a weekly basis as whole group instruction.  In an effort to maximize program effectiveness, the Gifted Specialists will provide direct instruction at 15 elementary buildings and consultant based support for the remaining sites.  The lessons allow the Gifted Specialist to introduce rigorous curriculum and complex problem solving skills to classrooms to ensure that all students are provided with a platform for developing, nurturing, and displaying talent and potential. View the AIM powerpoint presentation .

    2017-2018 Implementation: Grades 2-3 at 19 AIM Sites 

    Implementation for the Talent Development Program in Grades 2-3  began in the 2014-15 school year with third grade. 2015-2016 implementation included direct services for sites with the highest incidence of African American, Latino and low-income learners, 2nd and 3rd Grade. 

    2017-2018 AIM Sites 

    Century Oaks Elementary

    Channing Elementary

    Coleman Elementary

    Creekside Elementary

    Garfield Elementary

    Gifford  Elementary

    Heritage Elementary

    Highland Elementary

    Hillcrest Elementary

    Huff Elementary

    Lords Park Elementary

    Lowrie Elementary

    McKinley Elementary

    Oakhill Elementary

    Parkwood Elementary

    Ronald D. O’Neal Elementary

    Washington Elementary