• The AIM Talent Development Program is designed to disperse educational enrichment opportunities throughout our diverse district. By targeting ALL Title 1 elementary schools, we ensure that often underrepresented students are exposed to work that encourages the development of their potential regardless of home language, culture, race, ethnicity, socio-economic standing, or physical ability. In an effort to maximize program effectiveness, our specialists also provide consultant-based support to non-Title 1 elementary schools in addition to the direct instruction provided at over 20 Title 1 schools!

    The Gifted Specialists design lessons that are delivered as whole group instruction on a weekly basis. These lessons serve as tools to promote critical thinking and cultivate complex problem-solving skills, which allows specialists, alongside classroom teachers, to foster budding potential and introduce rigorous curriculum.

    Our Gifted Specialists are itinerant teachers with specialized training in Gifted Education. They work tirelessly to ensure that all students are provided with a platform for developing, nurturing, and displaying talent and potential. 


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