Public Comment

  • The Board of Education welcomes public comments at all of its meetings. Individuals who wish to speak during the public comment section of the meeting must complete a “Request to Speak” card and will be asked to identify if their comment is related to a consent agenda item, a discussion/action agenda item, a work session agenda item or “other,” meaning a topic not related to an agenda item.

    Request to Speak cards will be accepted until the first speaker has completed speaking. Speakers will be called in the order the Request to Speak cards are received. The purpose of this opportunity is to direct comments to the Board and/or provide information. The Board listens to each comment and does not engage in dialogue with the speaker. Comments should be in good taste and demonstrate consideration for others. Each speaker will be allotted up to three minutes unless more than 20 individuals have signed up to speak. At meetings where more than 20 individuals have signed up to speak, we will implement the following procedures:

    Speaking time for all individuals will be reduced from three to two minutes.

    Public comments relating to items on the Board’s agenda for that evening (consent agenda, discussion/action and work session items) will be heard in the first public comment section at the beginning of the meeting.

    Public comments not related to items on the Board’s agenda will be heard in the second public comment section at the end of the agenda.
    When a speaker’s allotted time expires, a tone will sound and the speaker should conclude their comments.

    Thank you for following this procedure, adopted by the BOE in 2016. Your cooperation ensures individuals can share their comments while also allowing for the timely completion of the Board’s business agenda.