Student and Community Support

  • Student Summit Group photos

    School District U-46 staff and community members have spent several years looking at ways to transform our high schools and improve college and career readiness. Students have had a voice in the process to date as well. Student Board of Education advisor Casey Pearce, then a senior at Bartlett High School, led the second annual District-wide Student Summit in December 2017 with a focus on the development of career academies. Feedback shared at the summit included:

        • Students need to feel more connected to school and that connection needs to start their freshman year.
        • Students want to choose electives that are related to a field of study.
        • Students want more vocational training opportunities and information on options after high school that don’t involve a four-year college.
        • Students want to give back to their communities and have their parents and the community more involved in their education.

    The feedback solicited from U-46 students during the summit clearly indicates that the values and components they are searching for in their academic experiences would be better provided in an academy model.

Community Input & Support

  • The Alignment Collaborative for Education, the Citizens’ Advisory Council, local chambers of commerce, employers and many state and local groups continue to work together to strengthen partnerships within and around our District boundaries to increase learning and hands-on opportunities for students.

    The Alignment Collaborative for Education has made Educational Pathways one of its three priorities. The Alignment’s “A-Team,” made up of community leaders, is working to support the development of Educational Pathways and strengthen ties with local business owners who can offer their expertise to each career cluster.

    The District will continually keep partners updated on the work in progress and seek feedback on plans moving forward.

    The District will provide public forums to share our plans and inform our U-46 families, specifically our elementary and middle school parents and guardians, in order to generate feedback and understanding of the District’s plans.