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  • A team of U-46 administrators, principals, teachers, and staff serve on a committee that evaluated a variety of potential Educational Pathways using criteria that included employment data, the ability for teachers to meet state and industry licensing requirements for the program, student interest, the facility requirements, and the ability for students to earn early college credit or industry credentials. Programs also need to be able to meet the needs of students who have IEPs, English Learners, or those who are enrolled in the District’s Dual Language program. The Pathways must meet all state and federal laws for college and career readiness. Students will still be required to meet graduation requirements and be able to meet specific college admission standards.

    Below you will find details on the Early College Educational Pathway being planned under the Liberal Arts Academy. If you have questions or suggestions, please use Let's Talk, our online customer service tool, to ensure your feedback reaches the correct U-46 staffer. 

College Prep Pathway
  • All students in all academies and pathways must meet graduation requirements and all students across all academies and pathways have the opportunity to meet college admission requirements. The difference with this specific pathway is that it explicitly will allow students to take varied electives and Advanced Placement courses to earn early college credit rather than a cohesive sequence of courses.

Early College Pathway
  • Full-time Dual Credit Program at Elgin Community College: 

    Under this pathway, students would enroll during their junior and senior years in the full-time Dual Credit program, which provides students the opportunity to take all of their coursework at Elgin Community College (ECC). High school juniors and seniors enroll in a minimum of 12 college credits each semester. All courses are completed at the ECC campus. These courses meet the postsecondary requirements of the general education core curriculum as well as high school graduation requirements. Students work in partnership with the ECC Academic Advising Office and their high school counselor to choose the appropriate transferable courses. Students that enroll as juniors may complete the course requirements to earn an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree. The school district and high school approve enrollment of their students. Enrollment is limited.

    Part-time Dual Credit Program at U-46 High School:

    High school juniors and seniors enroll in 1-2 college courses each semester. Courses are offered at the high school buildings. There are limited course options available. Students choose courses with the help of high school counselor to ensure courses selected meet high school requirements. The school district and high school approve enrollment of their students. Enrollment may be limited.