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    (best for grades 3-6)

    Newsela offers access to thousands of News articles, historical articles, and primary documents that can be leveled to 5 different reading levels (many also in Spanish at 5 levels) searchable and curated by course type, standard, or topic.  Each article at each reading level has an appropriate quiz to go with it.  

    Newsela can be accessed by ANY teacher or student through the Clever Button.  Details and training videos here.

    Online Resources:

    This page highlights the online resources available in each course.  For login and support issues, reach out to Jacob Vandemoortel or curriculumapps@u-46.org

    McGraw Hill (6th Grade Book) is offering webinars for all their ConnectEd content here.

    All Pearson Products (1-5) offer free videos and custom webinars for you or you and a course alike team of teachers when you sign up for free at mypearsontraining.com


    HMH (Kdg) offers a constantly changing and update array of online webinars and supports here.  Check back frequently as some days are kindergarten relevant and somedays are not.