• The DBQ Project

    DBQ Project

    Many districts have reached out to us about activating DBQ Online to use in their remote learning plans. To help, we are offering DBQ Online for free until July 1, 2020 during this unprecedented health situation. We want students to be engaged and learning, even in remote classrooms, and DBQ Online can help!


    If you are interested or have questions, email info@dbqproject.com and let us know your district and school information and needs.


    Remote Learning Plans: See the link below for some tips to using DBQ Online with your remote students. Please feel free to share with your teachers or your planning teams.


    DBQ Online Remote Learning Tips


    Extra Webinars: We are also offering increased availability for webinars for teachers who need a demo or refresher of DBQ Online basics and also a primer on how to use the resource in remote learning situations.


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