• Office of Educational Pathways
    Director of Educational Pathways

    Mitchell Briesemeister


    847-888-5000 ext. 5310
    fax: 847-608-2778


    BEACON Academy of Media & Digital Arts
    South Elgin High School Assistant Principal of Innovation
    Ms. Marcella Sheler

    847-289-3760 ext. 3505
    fax: 847-888-7014 


    International Baccalaureate Candidate Academy (Pending Approval)/Gifted & Talented Academy
    Elgin High School Assistant Principal of Humanities

    Mrs. Keleigh Foreman


    847-888-5100 ext. 5133
    fax: 847-888-6997 


    Science, Engineering and 
    Technology Academy

    Bartlett High School Assistant Principal of STEM
    Ms. Milena Nedeljkovic
    630-372-4700 ext. 4778
    fax: 630-372-4682 


    Visual and Performing Arts 
    Larkin High School Assistant Principal of Innovation
    Mr. Todd Duty
    847-888-5200 ext. 5214
    fax: 847-888-6996


    LEAD (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Action, and Design) Academy (Pending Approval)/World Languages & International 
    Studies Academy Divisional 

    Streamwood High School Assistant Principal of Innovation

    Tracy Stewart

    630-213-5500 ext. 5518
    fax: 630-483-5909