• LEAD: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Action, and Design's - (Pending Approval, previously World Languages and International Studies Academy) On-demand video.

World Languages and International Studies Academy

  • The World Languages and International Studies Academy at Streamwood High School prepares graduates for further studies and successful employment in a global economy. The program is designed for students interested in rigorous academic training coupled with real-world learning, including international travel and cultural experiences. Graduates will leave after four years with the equivalent of six years of study in either the Japanese, Mandarin, or Spanish language.

    In the World Languages and International Studies Academy, students pursue their special interests and talents in history, language arts, foreign language, and business through an integrated, intensive honors program. 

    A daily, 75-minute foreign language class will provide the equivalent of six years of foreign language instruction by graduation. The cornerstone of the program, this instruction is enhanced by access to a computer/language lab. Before their senior year, students will have the opportunity to travel to a foreign country where "their" language is spoken, the ultimate "field trip!"

    The World Languages and International Studies Academy offers students opportunities to:

    • Acquire significant, in-depth foreign language skills and fluency.
    • Focus on the connections between the historic and geographic development of civilizations and their art, language, literature, culture, trade, governments, and economics. 
    • Acquire a large base of knowledge.
    • Use technology for in-depth research and independent study resulting in high-level products and presentations. 
    • Develop strong communication skills. 
    • Incorporate high-level thinking skills into reading, writing, thinking, and listening. 
    • Learn methods of self-direction and evaluation. 
    • Prepare for Advanced Placement, the ACT, and other placement exams. 

    For more information, check out the World Language and International Studies Academy website.