2021 Applications Due

    November 13

    Magnet Academy Application Information Session
    Recorded October 15, 2020

    The U-46 High School Academies have been undergoing a review and update during the past couple of years as we work to strengthen our high school programming and ensure every student is prepared to succeed in college and careers.  As part of that work, we are going through the rigorous process of becoming certified with the Magnet Schools of America. 

    The National Magnet Schools of America certification is, like any other certification, an opportunity to demonstrate that our programs meet high standards of excellence. The MSA emphasizes its five pillars:

    • 1. Diversity; 
    • 2. Innovative Curriculum and Professional Development; 
    • 3. Academic Excellence; 
    • 4. High Quality Instructional Systems; 
    • 5. Family and Community Partnerships)

    The MSA certification process defines and ensures these standards as consistent, essential elements and characteristics of high-quality magnet programs.

    equity plan

    Our recent review of our academies as well as our preparation to become certified with the MSA revealed that we needed to update our admissions process to:

    1. Consistently apply universal acceptance criteria across all five high schools 
    2. Ensure that we offered a systematic approach to ensuring all students have access to the academy program in line with the Magnet Schools of America guidelines and our District’s Equity Plan. 

    Minimum Requirements for Admission:

    • Two letters of recommendation 
    • Minimum Grade Point Average: 2.0


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    For instructions on how to apply to the Magnet Academies, please review the video below:




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