Instructional Clarity

  • The U-46 Instructional Clarity Model, developed in the spring of 2023, is used to align instructional practices to maximize student learning experiences. The Instructional Clarity Model is composed of the components seen here (click the image for a printable copy):Instructional Clarity Model

    This Playbook is a collection of instructional strategies, aligned to the Instructional Clarity Model. The Playbook can be viewed digitally, but also printed for easy access.

  • Why a Playbook?

    A playbook is a tool for teachers and instructional coaches that focuses on high-impact teaching strategies in order to improve student outcomes. Playbooks are the bridge between learning about strategies and implementing them in the classroom. Instructional playbooks contain explicit, actual knowledge about teaching strategies. This playbook identifies high-impact teaching strategies that are likely to have a positive effect on student learning. This instructional playbook is a succinct collection of strategies, rather than an exhaustive list - going deeper into effective use. An instructional playbook helps reduce the number of different understandings - clarifying the meaning of concepts, helping people see learning and interactions in a clearer way. (Knight et al., 2020) 

  • References

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