• ADDENDUM C of the Elgin Agreement

    Pages 101-102

    Teacher Mentor Program (TMP)

    1. Teacher Mentor Program:
    During the course of negotiations for the 2004-2007 ETA Agreement the Board
    and ETA discussed several important items. Because these items were
    discussed for the purposes of clarification and idea sharing, the parties agreed
    that the items should be memorialized. During the negotiations for the 2011 –
    2014 ETA Agreement, additional changes recommended by the TMP Steering
    Committee were added. Recognizing the current stage in the evolution of the
    TMP, as recommended by the TMP Steering Committee, the negotiation of the
    2014-2017 Agreement included the elimination of the Steering Committee and
    the reallocation of the Steering Committee’s duties to the Oversight
    Committee. The parties have set forth these ideas in this Memorandum of
    Understanding, and specifically agree that the following items are not intended
    to be part of the ETA Agreement, nor are they intended to be subject to the
    ETA grievance procedure. Included in these items are:
    2. Teacher Leader for the TMP:
    The Teacher Leader for the TMP will be continued on a yearly basis as a
    collective bargaining unit position reporting to Teacher Effectiveness Initiatives.
    The position will be funded on a basis as determined by the District, with the
    ETA making a contribution to the TMP on an annual basis. The Teacher Leader’s
    duties will be determined on an annual basis in consultation with the Oversight
    3. Oversight Committee:
    The existing Oversight Committee will be continued and paid at the same rate
    as mentors. Membership will consist of six ETA members, appointed by the
    ETA, and six District designees. The Committee’s duties will include matching
    mentors with beginning teachers, organizing and facilitating the training
    sessions, and performing other duties as assigned by the Teacher Leader. In
    addition to monitoring the Program, the Committee will make
    recommendations to the Superintendent regarding the continued
    implementation and effectiveness of the Program, including the position of the
    Teacher Leader for the TMP.
    4. Compensation for Mentors and Mentees:
    Each mentor/mentee team will be provided with a total of six (6) days of
    released time over a two year period or a prorated portion over a shorter
    period of time as the program requires. In addition, each team will be provided
    with release time for one (1) workshop. Stipends to mentors for each
    mentor/mentee relationships shall be paid at $1,000 per year. The stipend
    includes attendance by the mentor at quarterly meetings. All new hires to the
    District will be required to participate in the Teacher Mentor Program and shall
    be paid at the hourly rate for their attendance at quarterly meetings.