TMP Oversight Committee

  • The Oversight Committee is responsible for developing a selection process for choosing mentors which includes an application, criteria for selection and training requirements. In addition, the committee matches beginning teachers with mentors and monitors the program.

    • Barbara Bettis, ETA President, Ex Officio
    • Dr. Hilda Rivera, Coordinator for ELL Initiatives
    • Dr. Joshua Carpenter, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Ex Officio
    • Dr. Luis DeLeon, Principal,Tefft Middle School
    • Dr. Diane O'Connell, Streamwood High School Assistant Principal of STEM
    • Tiffany Robinson, Principal, Lowrie Elementary School
    • Denise See, Specialized Student Services Administrator
    • Angela Gallegos, Site Admistrator, More at 4
    • Tracy Ellegood, Teacher, Eastview Middle School
    • Isabel Torres, Teacher, Parkwood Elementary School
    • Donna Kielbasa, Teacher, Canton Middle School
    • Krista Schifferer-Jones, Teacher, Clinton Elementary 
    • Kelly Overholt, Larkin High School
    • Kristi Gionnatti, Mentor Specialist for the TMP
    • Veronica Kernler, Co-Teacher Leader/Mentor Specialist for TMP
    • Gloria Helin, Co-Teacher Leader/Mentor Specialist for the TMP

    2021-2022 School Year TMP Oversight Committee Agenda/Minutes

    2020-2021 School Year TMP Oversight Committee Agendas/Minutes

    2019-2020 School Year TMP Oversight Committee Agenda/Minutes