World History

(04051A000-1/2) Credit: 2


Grade Level(s): 9, 10, 11, 12  Length: Full Year


Prerequisites: None


Content: History is the social science concerned with the study, recording, and examination of the past activities of human beings. World History is a two-semester course that traces the historical development of major societies from which present day nations have evolved. It examines the roots of each society, its traditions and its adaptation to change. Geographical background is featured and students will learn the basics of historical research. The course seeks to broaden the student's cultural horizons and develop an appreciation and understanding of other ways of life. Students at all grade levels are encouraged to enroll, especially those who are college-bound.


Activities: Assigned readings, lecture, discussion, individual and group reports, audio-visual aids, book reports, guest speakers, field trips, and research papers.


World History Curriculum