(04201A000-3) Credit: 1


Grade Level(s): 10-12                                                                        Length: Semester


Prerequisites: none


Content: Economics is the social science that concerns itself with the study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economics is a semester course required for graduation and offered in the senior year. It is designed to familiarize students with basic economic concepts, the American economy, capitalistic system, and the business cycle. The attempt to satisfy man's unlimited wants with limited resources is explored and discussed. Practical study is directed toward understanding consumer problems such as use of credit, savings and investment, insurance, taxation, and money management. A balance is sought between economic theory and consumer-oriented economics to comply with state mandated study of consumer economics.


Activities: Assigned readings, lecture, discussion, individual and group reports, audio?visual aids, book reports, and research papers.


Economics Curriculum