(04160A000-3) Credit: 1


Grade Level(s): 10-12                                                                        Length: Semester



Prerequisites: none


Content: Political science is the social science concerned with the question of how people govern themselves and their interaction with their political environment. Civics is a semester course required for graduation offered in the senior year. The course emphasizes the decision making process of American democracy and explores some of our major social problems. Topics examined in depth include national, state, and local government, our political party system, the processes of political behavior, and responsibilities of citizenship. This course is most important to students since they are now able to participate directly in our democracy at age 18. The state?required examination on the Constitution of the United States, Constitution of Illinois, Declaration of Independence, principles of the Australian ballot, and the proper display and respect of the American flag is administered in this course.


Activities: Assigned readings, lecture, discussion, individual and group reports, audio-visual aids, book reports, and research papers.


Civics Curriculum