US History-American Studies

(04151A000-1/2 and 01003A000-1/2) Credit: 2


Grade Level(s): 11, 12                                                                                                                      Length: Full Year


Prerequisites: Sophomore English


Content: Students may choose American Studies as an option that fulfills the Junior English and U.S. History requirements. This is a writing intensive course that will satisfy graduation requirements. This course combines the disciplines of English and American history and shares the philosophies and methodologies of both. One grade is given for each content area. The students will identify the major ideas and attitudes of the American experience as they are reflected in the history, literature, and culture of the United States. Group work is a significant component of this course.


College Readiness Standards will provide the framework for the English core curriculum of reading and writing workshop, research and the study of grammar and mechanics, information literacy and communication skills. The development of persuasive writing, writing conventions, re-search skills and competence in test taking strategies will be emphasized. Students will be required to learn academic vocabulary, terminology which is key to support the learning of the literary genres, elements and techniques studied in the course.


Activities: Interdisciplinary projects on thematic topics, which will include presentations, research papers, and creative, writing. Reading assignments in literature and history will be included in daily activities.