• Health Education


    Health Education courses in U-46 are developed based on the required content from the Illinois School Code as well as the recommended curriculum guidance in the National Health Education Standards.  


    Sexual Health Education for Grades 6-12

    January 1, 2014, Public Act 98-0441 requires schools that teach sex education in any of grades 6 through 12 to include instruction in both abstinence and contraception and to teach with materials that are evidence-based and medically accurate. 


    August 20, 2021, Gov. Pritzker signs Senate Bill 818.  Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act (SB 818) creates personal health and safety standards for grades K-5 and updates and expands comprehensive sexual health education standards in grades 6-12 


    August 20, 2021, Gov. Pritzker signs House Bill 24 which requires classes that teach sex education to include an age-appropriate discussion regarding sexting.


    School District U-46 will review the newest mandates and begin the process of updating our K-12 health education curriculum.  Curriculum updates, scope and sequence, and instructional material changes will be reviewed by the BOE and posted for community access and review prior to implementation.  


    Elementary Health Education

    School District U46 is in the process of developing a comprehensive K-6 health education curriculum. There have been a variety of K-6 state mandates in health education and social-emotional learning that will reviewed for inclusion into this curriculum.


    Erin's Law

    Erin’s Law, or Illinois Public Act 097-1147, requires public schools to provide child sexual abuse prevention education for children in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grades.  Below are links that explain what is Erin's Law, how to support your student/child, and what content is being shared in U-46 schools. Formal presentations are provided to students in grades K-4.  This content is also discussed in 8th and 10th-grade health education.

    Parent/Guardian Video English

    Parent/Guardian Video Spanish

    Resources that may be used in classroom presentations:  

    Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept- by Jayneen Sanders

    Algunes Secretos nunca deben guardarse- by Jayneen Sanders 

    My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes- Created by pro familia

    i Mi Cuerpo es Mio!- Created by pro familia

    C is for Consent- by Eleanor Morrison

    Middle School Health Education

    Middle school health education is an 18-week course in eighth grade for all students. The curriculum templates were updated and approved in April 2020 by the Board of Education.  The below templates are reviewed and updated yearly to include new mandated content from the Regional Office of Education and the Illinois State Board of Education. 

    8th Grade Health Education BOE Approved Curriculum

    High School Health Education BOE Approved Curriculum

    High School Health Education Curriculum was approved by the Board of Education in April 2020.  This curriculum is a Skills-Based approach to teaching knowledge as well as School Code mandated content.  This curriculum is aligned with the National Health Education Standards that focus on 7 skills students must know and be able to do to empower them to make healthy decisions and take control of their health. Health Education in U-46 will look very different than the health classes of the past.  Below are the curriculum templates that guide the lessons within your student's class.

    Analyzing Influences- Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

    Accessing Valid and Reliable Information, Products, and Services-Healthy Eating for Disease Prevention

    Enhancing Health Behaviors-Mental Health

    Interpersonal Communication-Relationships and Human Sexuality

    Advocacy and Goal Setting


    Health Class Looks Different in U-46

    Health Advocate and 2017 SHAPE America National Health Teacher of the Year, Andy Milne shares his ideas on how health education has changed over the years. He encourages the teaching of life skills and advocacy to help younger generations make smart choices and live healthy lives.  This is the same focus that was in place when developing our health curriculums.

    Ted Talk-This is Not your Parent's Health Class- Andrew Milne- National Health Teacher of the Year.