Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • A Parent-Teacher Conference is a good time to learn how your child is growing academically, socially, and emotionally. Below are some tips to get the most out of the conference, whether it’s a student-led or traditional.

    Schedule a time to meet

    Conference dates are not the only times you are allowed to visit with a teacher. If you are unavailable for any reason during conference dates, notify your child’s teacher to see if you can work out another time to meet in person and/or talk by phone.

    Prepare questions ahead of time

    Think beforehand of important questions you would like to ask your child’s teacher. Consider collaborating with your child to include questions they may have as well. Being prepared makes for a more informative conference. Visit for a list of questions you may consider asking. Share these questions with the teacher before the conference. 

    Take notes during the conference

    There may be some steps to take after conferences in order to enhance your child’s learning experience. Take notes to stay organized and better retain the information and possible follow-up action items or questions. 

    Exchange important information

    If there is anything at home that could possibly affect your child in school, academically or otherwise, let the teacher know. This allows the teacher to know the student better and to make any accommodations, whether it be tutoring resources or some time with the school social worker.

    If English is not your first language, notify the teacher and translation will be provided

    You do not have to bring someone or have your child interpret at a conference. There will be a qualified staff member to interpret. Notify the teacher or principal if you will need an interpreter a week before the conference.

    Ask what you can do at home to help

    Help set up your child for success by asking what you can do to support your child’s learning at home. You may find their teacher requests your child spend an extra 10 minutes reading to enhance their skills. The teacher may be aware of some programs or resources available in the community.

    Keep in touch with the teacher after the conference

    You and your child’s teacher will come up with some steps for your child to follow. It is important to follow up with the teacher to see how your child is improving. Ask what is the best way to follow up with the teacher. If your child needs more guidance, remember, you can always set up another time to meet with the teacher.