• A note from a parent to an elementary child. U-46 strives to promote academic success for all of our more than 22,000 elementary students at our 40 elementary schools.  We believe that parent engagement at every grade level is critical to student’s academic success.  Here are some helpful tips to help your elementary student excel in school. 

    • Read to your child and continue to challenge them to improve their reading skills.
    • Create a welcoming learning environment in the home for your child to do homework.
    • Visit your child's school, meet your child’s teachers and principal and attend Parent Teacher Conferences.
    • Familiarize yourself with what your student is learning.
    • Visit the U-46 Curriculum & Instruction webpage to understand the curriculum and learning standards implemented in U-46 classrooms.
    • Visit the U-46 Assessment webpage to learn what tests your students are taking and an explanation of assessment used in U-46.
    • Teach your children about appropriate social behavior at school. U-46 uses PBIS to promote positive behavior and an effective learning environment.
    • U-46 places school safety among its highest priorities. Learn about our safe school practices.

    Helpful Resources for Parents of Elementary Students

    U-46 Elementary Schools
    Visit your child's school website to learn more about their learning environment, the school principal, student expectations, school activities and more.

    U-46 Assessment & Accountability
    The Assessment & Accountability webpage outlines which assessment tools are utilized at each grade level.

    U-46 Communication Guidelines for Parents & Guardians
    The U-46 Communication Guidelines for Parents & Guardians are designed to make communicating with U-46 easy and to connect you with the answers you need.

    U-46 Curriculum & Instruction
    Visit the U-46 Curriculum and Instruction webpage to learn more about what your child is learning and what skills he/she is gaining at each grade level.

    Elementary Report Cards
    Learn about the elementary grading process and what your student's report card will look like.

    Health Services
    Learn about the health forms required for your elementary student as well as tips about how to keep your child healthy.

    U-46 uses Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in many of its schools to create and maintain safe and effective learning environments in schools and to ensure that all students have the social and emotional skills needed to achieve their success at school and beyond.

    SAFE is a self-sustaining program designed to provide quality before and after school care to children in School District U-46 currently enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grades while their parents work or further their own education.