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  • Nutrition Lesson with District Dietitian

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 4/28/2022

    Our district dietitian went to Praireview Elementary School to teach a nutrition lesson. Students learned about food groups. They listed food in each category and completed a "food card". The food card provided information on the student's favorite foods and meals. At the end of the lesson students enjopyed a healthy snack. rdn

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  • Field Trip to our Commissary

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 4/8/2022

    The Food Safety Coordinator led a group of students from Streamwood High School around the commissary this morning. Students were able to follow the flow of food through the warehouse. Students learned about our food safety defense plan and how we safely prepare all the food for the elementary schools in the district.  



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  • Celebrating Opening Day of MLB!

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 4/7/2022

    Staff members in schools across the district celebrated the opening day of baseball with decorations and festive foods!


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  • NEW Food Allergy Labeling Pilot Program Coming to Your Cafeteria

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 2/17/2022

    Coming to Bartlett High School and Kenyon Woods Middle School cafeteria starting February 22food allergy labeling.  Given the uptick in the amount of people challenged with food allergies, your U-46 Food and Nutrition Department will be starting to identify if a food being served for breakfast and lunch contains one of the BIG NINE food allergies. 

    Foods will be labeled 1 of 3 ways:

    1. Colored dots…used on the station and/or breakfast cart signs. Look for a color code KEY sign in your cafeteria to learn what each color stands for. 
    2. Allergy alert labels…used on the grab ‘n go foods, such as sandwiches. IF the food contains a big nine allergen, it will be marked off on the label.
    3. Food packaging…a manufactured-packaged item includes the ingredients and allergens on the back. Flip over the package to learn what (if any) big nine food allergens it contains.

    What are the BIG NINE food allergens? The nine most common food allergens include:


                              1. Egg
                              2. Fish
                              3. Sesame
                              4. Shellfish
                              5. Milk
                              6. Peanuts
                              7. Soy
                              8. Tree Nuts
                              9. Wheat



    If you have questions regarding food allergies and this new labeling system, please contact Christine M. Cliff, U-46 District Dietitian, at ChristineCliff@u-46.org or 847-888-5000 x5034.

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  • Abbott Middle School- Soup-er Bowl Celebration & Canned Food Drive

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 2/11/2022
    Abbott Middle School had a Soup-er-Bowl soup cook off for the staff as well as our canned food drive put on by their Fuel Up to Play 60 group. The event was organized by Miguel Medel, the Food and Nutrition Services Manager. FNS staff, faculty, and students participated in the food drive, which went over very well. In return, prizes were awarded to students from  Fuel Up to Play 60 prize stash. FNS staff and faculty made a variety of appetizers and soups. Miguel made a traditional cheese soup with bacon and scallions and pretzel bites to top the soup along with a squirt bottle of rendered bacon fat to drizzle over the soup. The teachers made traditional gumbo, red posole, tuscan white bean soup, cheese tortellini soup. The Elgin Police Department came in to sample judge the food. The students enjoyed the celebration and the food drive was a success! 
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  • Our FNS Teams are Cheering on Team USA in the 2022 Winter Olympics!

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 2/7/2022

    Several FNS staff members have decorated the cafeterias and lunchrooms for the 2022 Winter Olympics.  oo

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