Kindergarten Bus Safety Awareness Program - August 2022

  • Kindergarten Bus Safety Program

    School District U-46 is offering incoming kindergarten students and their parents/guardians a chance to participate in a Safety Awareness Program even if their child does not qualify for transportation during the school year. This program is designed to lessen those first day fears commonly experienced by new students and parents.   Based on the schedule listed below, the school bus will arrive at each school and await the incoming kindergartner's arrival.  A parent/guardian and older siblings may accompany the student on the bus, although we will not be able to accommodate younger siblings. A school bus driver and route assistant will provide a training exercise and lead a discussion on the expectations around riding a school bus. Everyone will learn a safety song written by U-46 personnel, too!  Once everyone is ready to go and safely aboard, they will enjoy a 10-minute ride on the school bus, and then return to school! 

    Although there are scheduled assigned days and times listed for each school for you to experience the safety program at your incoming kindergartners' school, we understand this may not meet everyone's timeframe.  Do not let this hinder your attendance.  Feel free to travel to another elementary school and attend the Kindergarten Safety Awareness event there. 

    It is our pleasure to meet many of our incoming students and their family members by having them participate in this event!   Any questions can be directed to the Transportation Department via Let’s Talk



  • Wednesday, Aug. 10

    8 a.m

    • Harriet Gifford
    • Century Oaks
    • Coleman
    • Huff

    10 a.m. 

    • Washington
    • Creekside
    • Garfield
    • McKinley 

    12 p.m. 

    • Lowrie
    • Hillcrest
    • Ronald D. O'Neal
    • Lords Park

    2 p.m. 

    • Channing
    • Highland
    • Lincoln 
    • Timber Trails


  • Thursday, Aug. 11

    8 a.m.

    • Hilltop
    • Heritage
    • Sunnydale
    • Willard

    10 a.m.

    • Hanover Countryside
    • Ontarioville
    • Ridge Circle
    • Fox Meadow

    12 p.m.

    • Oakhill
    • Laurel Hill
    • Glenbrook
    • Otter Creek 
  • Friday, Aug. 12

    8 a.m. 

    • Clinton
    • Bartlett 
    • Prairieview 
    • Centennial

    10 a.m.

    • Nature Ridge
    • Spring Trail
    • Hawk Hollow
    • Horizon

    12 p.m 

    • Liberty
    • Wayne
    • Sycamore Trails