Safety Tips

  • A red STOP sign on a District U-46 school bus Students who utilize our bus service can greatly increase their own safety by following a few easy guidelines:

    • Use caution when entering or exiting the bus
    • Stay on your side of the road, far from traffic
    • Wait for the bus to stop and for your driver to signal to cross
    • Check traffic in both directions, then check it again!
    • Cross the street directly and do not linger in the road
    • Walk at least 10 feet in front of the bus
    • Stay seated at all times while on the bus
    • Keep hands, feet and head in the bus at all times

    The safety of children is our top priority, and to that end, U-46 hires individuals qualified to transport our students. In addition, we encourage students to abide by our safety tips and fellow motorists to be aware of school buses and the laws that protect our children. Please follow these links for more detailed information on student safety. 

    Kindergarten Safety Awareness
    Kindergarten Bus Tags
    Yellow Wristbands
    Bus Safety Standards
    Bus Driver Requirements
    Guidelines for Fellow Motorists


    Danger Zones