Bus Driver Requirements

  • U-46 hires the most qualified individuals to become school bus drivers to transport children to their various destinations. A bus driver must:

    • Have a good driving record
    • Be at least 21 years old
    • Obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL)
    • Attend an eight-hour school bus safety course
    • Demonstrate safe behind-the-wheel driving skills
    • Complete a two-hour bus safety refresher course every year
    • Pass an annual physical examination, including drug test
    • Be cleared by a Federal fingerprinting and background check
    • Participate in random drug-testing
    • Complete in-house driver training program 

    In addition, the Transportation Department encourages drivers to continue to enhance their driving skills by participating in various workshops for bus safety, maintenance, defensive driving, and inclement weather driving skills.

    To find a listing of open positions available in the Transportation Department and within the district, please visit our Human Resources page.  Interested applicants must complete the employment application online to be considered.