U-46 Foundation Application Scholarships

  • Using the U-46 Foundation Scholarship Application, you can apply for any or all of the scholarships listed here (depending on your eligibility) using just one application.


    The application lets you save and come back to it as many times as necessary until March 1, when all scholarships are due.


    Personal info and school history


    Many of the required fields are pre-filled using information from U-46 Infinite Campus, which saves you the time of having to add it to multiple applications.


    NOTE: You should still check the pre-filled information for accuracy and reach out to the U-46 Foundation if you find anything you feel is incorrect.


    The application is designed to only let you apply for scholarships for which you are eligible – also a time savings.


    Written and Essay portion of application


    You will still have to fill in your intended college info, as well as a list of your extracurricular activities, awards, and volunteer time.


    All scholarships have required essay questions or prompts for written answers. If the essay prompt is the same for more than one scholarship, you will be able to use the same essay for both.


    Remember that it’s always best to write your essays separately and copy/paste them into the application. There are character count limits for all written sections.


    Good luck and reach out if you need us!


    Proceed to U-46 Foundation Online Application


  • Superintendent's Scholarship

  • Lisa Mercado Memorial Scholarship for Bilingual Students

  • Douglas Hoeft Scholarship

  • Gilbert I. Renner Scholarship

  • EHS Maroons Leadership Scholarship

  • David & Edith Cole Scholarship

  • Dody Nesbit Scholarship

  • Francis Turnquist Scholarship

  • Elgin High School PTO Scholarship

  • Carolyn Van Slyck Memorial Scholarship