• Reciprocal Reporting – Information sharing between schools and police
    Reciprocal reporting agreements between our local police departments and School District U-46 schools call for the sharing of information if a student commits a criminal offense, whether in school or in the community. Also covered under the agreement are other offenses that could impact the safety of schools. Agreements are in place with School District U-46 attendance area municipalities.

    man and dog in school

    Drug Prevention and Deterrence 
    The drug prevention and deterrence program begins when the school principal requests the use of a police-trained dog to sniff randomly selected public areas for drugs. This is only done in the middle and high schools. The search area is selected randomly and may include hall lockers, gym lockers, and parking lots. School staff controls the area to be searched so no students have contact with the police dog. This is done to prevent problems from ever happening and to provide your student with a safer place to learn. For everyone’s benefit, weapons, drugs, or any other prohibited items on a school campus. Preventing a student from making a bad choice by bringing illegal items to school is everyone’s responsibility.

    Weapons Prevention 
    Weapons of any kind are prohibited. This includes knives of any size, pocket knives, box cutters, any type of gun (which includes BB guns, airsoft guns or look-alike guns), or any other suspicious object believed to be a weapon.

    Please take a moment to remind your child that items like this should not be brought to school for any reason. If students observe weapons at school, they should report it immediately to any school employee. Student weapon possession is a serious disciplinary matter and can result in a referral to the local police department. A program was initiated in March 2008 to use hand-held metal detectors to randomly search for weapons. This was implemented at all School District U-46 high schools. School administrators (Deans, Assistant Principals, and Principals) randomly select up to six classrooms per month using a computer program called Randomizer. All students within those rooms are scanned by school administrators for weapons.

    Polling Places SecurityElection Day
    Schools are mandated by law to provide space for elections where county election officials determine appropriate. Security procedures call for the election to be in a location of the school separate from the school day environment and a school employee is assigned to monitor the polling area.

    Security Audits

    Strengthening our schools through security checks, deterring and  discouraging unauthorized entry, while ensuring surveillance can be carried out effectively. We check to make sure all doors are secured and locked, ensuring visitors use our visitor management system while checking into the main office or attendance office. We discourage piggybacking in of visitors, ensuring all guests use the call buttons and signing into the schools. 



    Raptor, founded in 2002, which has partnered with over 50,000 schools, provides an integrated visitor, volunteer, emergency management and visitor management system. We train our staff on the use of Raptor, welcoming our visitors. Raptor grants us full control of who is allowed to enter the schools, screening every visitor against the sex offender and custom database. Raptor ensures we are releasing your child to an approved parent or guardian, immediately alerting administration and security personnel is a visitor is identified as a risk.